Add User and User Rights

You can add unlimited number of users in TaxAdda PMS. It’s better to create different users for all team members. This way you can assign only required rights to users and you will also be able to check activity of each user.

There are three types of users

  1. Admin
  2. Manager
  3. Employee

Admin has all the rights including changing plan of PMS subscription, adding other users, change in settings etc.

You can select each right you want to give to a manager or employee. Although,  Some rights are exclusively for admin and cannot be given to manager or employee, such as export of clients, add another user. There are also some rights which cannot be taken away from any user, such as, status change, user allocation, view clients.

The difference between manager and employee is that manager can be given some rights such as view all tasks or view all task other than allotted to admin only, import of clients, delete task.

Manager can be given either of the two rights for task management.

  1. All tasks – Manager can see all the tasks which are created or alloted to anyone.
  2. All tasks other than those alloted to admin only – When given this right, a manager can see all tasks other than tasks which are on one or more admins only. He can see all tasks which are alloted to him or any other employee/manager.

Change in User Rights

  1. Change in User type – When user type (admin, manager or employee) is changed then the user has to logout and login again to take the changes to take effect. So if you have given some employee as admin right and now given him other rights then make sure to logout his account on his computer.
  2. Change in User rights – When only a user right is changed then such change takes effect just after refresh of the opened pages, if any. For example, right to create task is not given to an employee. Now you give him that right, the employee can just refresh the page and then create task.

Note: User rights of the email id from which you had sign up cannot be changed to manager or employee.

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