Client Page

Client Page is a page where all the details relating to a client is shown. It includes all details added at time of creating client and also all the task for that client.

To to to client page, select the client from top bar by scrolling or searching the name. Or you can click on client name on add task page, task list page, overview page to open client page in new tab.

You can perform all functions on a task from this page also, like changing name, status, due date, check activity, comments, delete task etc.

Click on GST Return Status button to get the return filed details from GSTN server. Or click on edit client button to edit the client details.

To show all the details of that client, click on Show details button and details will be shown like this.

You can check the balance pending from client by clicking balance button. You can also Export the tasks in csv file.

After clicking on Balance button, the amount is shown and you can also click on open all the transactions in a new tab.

You can create a task by clicking quick task button. When you click on quick task, the button is replaced with a dropdown. Select the task you want to create and a popup will appear. You can change users, due date, star task and then click on create task.

Click on message icon near balance button to send sms/whatsapp.

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