Creating Other Task

All task other than related to GST and Income Tax Returns are called as Other Task in TaxAdda PMS.

For example, you can create a task for TDS Returns, cancelling GST Registration, filing LUT etc.

Creating Other task

For creating other task, Go to Add Task page.

Click on Other Task in the first row.

Now you can select the predefined task from the dropdown or you can write the task in the text box. So you can create other task for any purpose you like. You can also add tasks in predefined list which you regularly use, by clicking Add more task in this list just below the dropdown.

You can then enter comment for more details (optional), period (optional), select due date, select user.

Select one or more clients for which task is to be created.

Click on create task and one or more task will be created on the basis of number of clients you had selected.

Use Case – Creating TDS Return Task

Step 1 – Create a tag and add it to clients for which TDS task are required to be filed.

┬áStep 2 – Go to Add Tasks, Select other task, Enter TDS Return in tasks, select quarterly in period type and select quarter. Now type TDS return in search in right-top, so all clients which has tag of “TDS return” will be shown only. Now select all clients by clicking the checkbox in heading or select clients you want to create tasks for. And click on Create Task button and all tasks will be created.

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