Creating Return Task

There are pre-defined tasks for GST and Income Tax returns. Use these pre-defined tasks for these return task as some features will work only when you use them. Do not use Other task for such pre-defined tasks.

There are three ways to add return tasks.

First Method – Add Task Page

Go to Add Task under the Task from left menu.

You can add select any task from quick task. These list is constantly updated by our support team to enable you to create common tasks quickly. If you select any option from this dropdown then all other fields will be auto-selected afterwards.

If you want to create any task other than given in quick task then select Return task. Then GST or Income tax, then task type and period.

Only those clients will be listed which satisfies the selected criteria. For example: if you select GST then only clients in which GST is ticked are shown. If you select Normal, then only clients which are registered under normal scheme are shown. If you select GSTR-9C then only those clients are shown in which GST Audits is marked as Yes.

System also considers registration date and cancellation date while creating task. For example: if a GSTIN is registered on 5th July 2020 and you are creating GSTR-3B task for June 2020 then such client will be ignored automatically.

Due date for the task will also be shown automatically. In case of GSTR-3B, state and turnover will also be considered to show staggered due dates. Although, you can change them manually.

Default user added for each client will be selected automatically. You can mark task as star, select users, search in clients at this stage also. After selecting some or all clients, click on create task button to create the task.

Duplicate return task will not be created in any case. A return task for the same return type and same period is considered as duplicate task.

Second Method – Return Task Overview Page

Click on Return task overview under Return in left menu. Select the return type from the dropdown. All clients which are required to file that return are shown in rows along with period in column.

In places where tasks are already created, status of tasks are showing. You can change status, mark as star, view and add comments, change user, delete task and see activity of such tasks.

At places where task is not created, plus icon is showing. Click on this icon and a popup will open. Change users, due date and star if required and save the task.

If the return is not required to be filed due to later registration date or earlier cancellation date then error message will come and task cannot be created.

If you are not admin and does not has right to create task then error popup will come on clicking plus icon. If you has right to create task but task is not visible to you because not alloted on you then also error popup will come with message that task already exists.

Third Method – Client Page

Go to client page by selecting client from the top menu.

On clicking this button, a dropdown will be shown in its place with the quick task. Select a task and popup will open to create that task. Click on create task to create the task. If the return is not required to be filed due to later registration date or earlier cancellation date then error message will come and task cannot be created.

If task already exists then error message of task already exists will come. If such message comes, then also check in completed and ignored tasks.

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