Creating Return Task

You can create return task for all clients in one go.

Go to Add Task under the Task Management Tab from the left side menu.

Return task will be auto-selected. Select GST if you want to create GST returns task or Income tax if you want to create Income Tax return task.

In case of GST Task –

You need to select Registration type – Normal or Composition.

Then select Return Type. In the case of Regular Dealers, four options will come –  GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, GSTR-9, GSTR-9C and GSTR-10. And in the case of Composition dealers, three options will come – GSTR-4, GSTR-9A, GSTR-10.

Select the return period and due date will be automatically selected. You can also change due date.

All the clients will be shown on the basis of the options selected above.

For example, if you had selected Regular and GSTR-3B then all clients registered as Regular taxpayers will be listed. If you had selected GSTR-1 and monthly option then only clients which are registered as Regular and filing GSTR-1 monthly are listed.

Normally you have to select all the clients. Do that by clicking the radio button at top of the table. You can also select/deselect any specific clients. The number of tasks that will be created will also be shown.

Click on Create Task button and all task will be created in your account.

You cannot create the same task twice. For example, You had created a task for your client ABC for GSTR-3B for the month of April 2019. When you try to create the same task again, the system will show an error. This way you will not end up creating more than one task for the same work.

In case of Income Tax Task – 

In the case of Income Task, two options will come – ITR – Audit, ITR – Unaudited.

Select the option ITR – Audit for clients whose accounts are required to audit under section 44AB and due date is 30th September.

And ITR – Unaudited for clients whose accounts are not required to be audited and the due date is 31st July.

This shows two different tabs on the return task overview page. So you can track clients on the basis of their due date and audit requirement.

Select the financial year, select the clients and click on Create Task button.

All the task will be created and start seeing in your portal.

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