In-app notifications in TaxAdda PMS give information to a user about the action taken by other user.

Notification only related to those tasks in which a user is allocated is shown to such user. For example: There are 6 users in an account and a task is allocated to 3 users. Now a user out of such 3 users change due date of such task. Now notification will show only to such 2 other users to which that task are allocated.

Many a times a user allocates a task to another user in the team. But the team member remains unaware of it. Or due date is increased or reduced and the user needs to communicate with other channel like skype, whatsapp to other users. Now a notification will go in such cases and reduces the need to communicate.

Notifications will comeĀ in case of

  1. Allocate task to user.
  2. Remove user from a task.
  3. New Task creation for a user.
  4. Marking or unmarking a task as star.
  5. Add or edit comment.
  6. Delete task
  7. Mark task as complete.
  8. Change due date.

Number of new notification is displayed on top right. Click on bell icon to show the 5 latest notification and click on view all to go to notification page, where all notification will be displayed. You can mark all notifications as read by clicking on view all as read button. You can also mark a notification as unread, so that you can check it again after sometime.