Receipts & Payment

This functionality can be used to record amount paid, payable, received or receivable. You can use it for entering transactions like fees receivable, amount paid on behalf of client (like company law fees, GST amount, Income tax amount) etc.

You can add source (bank name, cash etc.), category (fees, reimbursement etc), select client, add notes, attach files.

Go to Receipts and Payments from left menu. And click on +New button to add new entry.

To add a new source or category, click on dropdown and select Add New option. A popup will open, enter name of source/category and click on save button. To edit a source/category, select such source/category in respective dropdown and click on edit icon, it will open a popup, change the name and save it.

You can export all the transaction by clicking export button in listing page.

You can also see reports on basis of client, source, category. Click on reports in top right side and select the report you want to see

The reports will show these details

  1. Pending Balances – List of balances of all clients, whether payable or receivable.
  2. Client Wise – You has to select client and all entries of that client will be shown. It is a ledger of a client.
  3. Category Wise – All entries of selected category will be shown.
  4. Source Wise – All entries of selected source will be shown.

You can also export these reports by clicking export button on top right on respective pages.

You can search any transaction in the main listing of all receipts and payment on basis of amount, date, notes, source, category.

On client page also, you can get balance receivable by clicking balance button.

After clicking on balance button, amount receivable/payable will be shown. Click on “Click to view all transactions” to see all transaction for that client.

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