Snooze Task

Many times a task cannot be completed in nearby days due to reasons such as dependency on another persons etc.

Also, sometimes you have created a task in advance because you want to add commenting in such tasks. For example: A mistake is made in filing GSTR-3B of Aug 2020, now you noticed the mistake and want to rectify it in Sep 2020 return. So you can create such tasks and add comment in it, including the mistake details. So when you next time see that task, you instantly become aware of the changes to be made in return.

Such tasks are shown again and again to you in task lists but they cannot be act upon at present. Therefore, to solve such issue, we have created a snooze option.

Using this option you can snooze a task for any number of days. When you snooze a task, it will not be shown in task list page and client page till the date you have entered. After that date, it starts showing automatically in such tasks.

Click on snooze icon in activity column in task list.

A popup will appear. Enter the date till which you want that task to remain hidden.

You can also select more than one task and use snooze option in bulk actions.

Please note that such tasks is still visible on return task overview page and they are NOT ignored in dashboard reports and other reports.

Such tasks can still be viewed by clicking option below the list.

Removing Snooze from a Task

To remove snooze from a task, click this “contains 1 snooze task” and click on snooze icon in activity column.

In popup, an option will come to remove snooze, click this button to remove snooze.