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Update – A new status with name “Not Required” is created for all users. This status is useful for tasks like IFF and PMT-06. These tasks are sometimes not required to be filed for some clients. But you may want to keep track of the task, so does not want to delete them either. The task which has status of not required is not counted in reports on dashboard and other reports. And it is not shown in task list and client page. Although you can see such task by selecting this in heading of page.


Status is simply the stage in which a task is currently in. It is used to track the current status of a task.

8 Status are automatically created at time of sign up. You can add more anytime.

A color is also associated with each status to get a better view of current position.

How to make best use of Status

You can add status according to the process you follow in your firm. Default status of a task is always “”Pending””.

For example, You want to mark a return task when you receive details regarding that return from client. So you can create a status of “”Details Received””. And whenever your clients sends the details you change status to “”Details Received””. This way you or your team member can know that details has been received and work on such return can be started.

Another example is that you can use status of “”Challan Pending””. This status tells that return has been prepared but challan is yet to be paid by the client.

Best Practices for using Status

  1. Do not use a large number of status – Using a large number of status only confuses you and your team. Keep the number of status to a maximum of ten. However, there is no limit on creating new status.
  2. Select the color wisely – When going through a list of status, you should be able to get a glimpse of your working. So we recommend using green color only for completed status. This way when you are scrolling through a list of 500 task you can easily know which tasks are to be avoided.

Marking a GST Return Task as Completed

TaxAdda PMS is connected with GSTN through GSP. Whenever a user tries to mark a GST return task as Completed, PMS confirms the status of that return from GSTN. If the return has already been filed then the task’s status will be changed to Completed . If the return has not been filed, then the status will not change and error message will come.

If return is filed then its date of filing will be fetched from GSTN. The date of filing can be checked by taking mouse to the status and date will be shown.

Default Status created at time of sign up

8 status are created by default at time of sign up into TaxAdda PMS.

They are as below along with the associates color –


Status Color
Pending Red
To work on Red
Working Red
Challan Pending Yellow
Ignore Tracking Purple
Submitted Yellow
Completed Green
Not Required Green

Edit/Delete Status

You cannot edit or delete the Pending, Completed, Not required and Ignore Tracking status.

A status which is used anywhere in system cannot be deleted but it can be made inactive. When you made a status inactive, you cannot allocate that status to a task but the task to which it is already allocated will not be affected.

To delete or make a status inactive, go to Settings >> Status, and click on delete icon against the status. After confirmation, you will be shown whether the status has been deleted or inactivated.

The status page shows only the active status. To see any inactive status, click on Show Inactive status option on top-left.

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