Tag Management

You can allocate Tags on a client. Tags can be used to categorise the clients on any basis.

For example, you can allocate a tag “DSC with Client”. This way when you or any other person in your organisation sees this tag, he came to know that the client has the DSC and the client himself verifies the DSC Returns. This way you need not maintain a separate list or depend on your memory. Also, each of your team member is not required to ask you for each point.

You can also search clients on basis of tags. So, you can allocate tag like “LUT Filing Required”. So a list of all clients whose LUT filing is required can be retrieved.

Some more examples in which you can use tag are –

  1. You can create tags for accounting softwares used by client.
  2. You can create tags for clients which are covered under specific section or on which specific filing applies like Statement of financial transactions.
  3. You can create tags for e-commerce operators on which such client sells.

You can add/edit/view tags by clicking Tag management under settings from left side menu. You can also add description for a tag which enables your employees or new users of PMS to became familiar about the tag system you are using.

If a tag has already been allocated to a client then such tag cannot be deleted. However the tag can be made inactive. Inactive tags will not be shown for allocation to a client but remain allocated to clients to which they are already allocated.

When you sign up for PMS, we create some tags by default for you. You can edit or delete such tags and also add any number of new tags. The tags which are automatically created are

  • Amazon Seller
  • Busy
  • DSC with client
  • DSC with us
  • Fliparkt Seller
  • GST mails forwarded
  • RefineBooks
  • Tally

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