TaxAdda PMS Login – Chrome Extension

TaxAdda PMS comes with Chrome and Firefox extensions. Both the extension provides the same functionality.

The main purpose of the extension is to enable you and everyone in your organisation to easily login into your client’s GST and Income Tax portal accounts.

You can install the chrome extension from this link – TaxAdda PMS Login Chrome Extension

After installation, you have to login into the extension by clicking the TaxAdda icon in the top bar. You have to enter the email id, password and the security key. You can find your security key in the email received at the time of sign up first time. Know more about security key

TaxAdda PMS comes with multi-user functionality. You can use any of the user’s email and password to login into extension. But it’s the best practice to add a new user in PMS for each partner/employee/assistant in your organisation.

You can also use this extension in incognito mode but you has to enable it. To enable it in incognito mode paste this in the url bar in chrome and press enter – chrome://extensions/?id=efebjdlhfmhgfinbomaklemolefmemap and then find option of Allow in incognito and change this option to “On”. Now you can also use this extension in incognito mode.

Using Chrome Extension on GST Portal

Using Chrome Extension on Income Tax Portal

Login into Chrome extension