Time Tracking

Users can track the time they spend on a task using this feature. By default, time tracking is closed for all accounts. User have to go to Settings >> Other Settings to start time tracking features. You can also select whether you have to allow manual tracking or not. The settings are account-wise and not user-wise and can be changed by admins only.

Time tracking can be used by clicking clock icon in the task list page, overview page or client page. After clicking the icon, a popup will come to add time as well as see already existing time for that task along with user name.

There are two ways in which time can be tracked.

  1. Automatic time tracking – In this system, user has to start the time when he is starting to work on a task and then stop the time when stops to work on that task. Time can be started and stopped any number of times for a single task.
    A user can start time at one time for a single task only. When time is started, then the icon in header will convert to green and clicking on it will open the popup for the task for which time is currently running. Red icon indicates that time is not running for any task.
  2. Manual time tracking – In this system, start and end time is manually entered by the user. Button to enter manual time is visible only when it is allowed by admin in settings. On time tracking popup, a button to add manual time comes in right bottom. Clicking on it will open the fields to enter start time and stop time.

You can also enter comments in both type of tracking. You can use comments to enter the work you have done in that time.


You can access reports by going to Reports >> Time Tracking from left menu.

There are two types of reports in time tracking. 1st is user-wise and 2nd is client-wise.

User-wise report is useful to see how much time a user has worked and on which task during a period. Client-wise report is useful to see how much time whole team has worked on that client during a period.

If you want to see time worked on a particular task of a client, then click on time tracking icon and there all time along with total will be shown.