To Do List

Creating a task for every small work is not feasible option. So we have introduced To do list, where you can add all your small tasks related to office management, clients and also your personal work.

There is option to create separate lists and you can share a list with any one or more team members.

Unlike tasks, to do list can be seen only by users to which it is shared. Even admins cannot see task list of their managers and employees.

You can add a to do from any page. To create a to do, click on + icon on top left and click on to do.

A popup will open where you can add a to do.

Also, in left menu, an option is coming with name To Do List. Number of items in every list is shown. First of all, 4 options of starred to do, due on today, overdue and due in this week are shown and then a default list is shown and then all list you added are shown. Number of pending to do also shown in red circle.

To add a new to do list, go to any page of to do section and click on add new list in top right.

You can also add a description (optional), date (optional) and mark it as star.

Click on show completed to do to see to do which are marked as completed. You can also search using the search box on top right.

There is no option to delete a to do. If you have created one by mistake, simply mark it as completed or edit it.

Any user whether who has created list or with whom it is shared, can mark to do as completed. There are no user rights related to this. But a list can only be deleted by user who has created the list.

To share a list with other user in the account, click on share icon against the list name and a popup will open where you can select all users with which you want to share list. Note that you cannot share the default list.