Using the Key

TaxAdda PMS uses high-level encryption method to secure your client’s important data such as GST and Income Tax usernames and passwords. All other details are also saved using normal encryption method.

When you sign up in PMS, a 256bit encryption key is generated and sent to you on your email. At time of sign up this key is automatically uploaded in your browser cookies. Please keep this key in a secured location.

TaxAdda PMS comes with multi-user functionality. The key will be the same for all the users within an account. The key will be sent to only main user at the time of sign up.

However, you need to enter this key at the time of login into Google Chrome Extension.

And also you need to enter this key after login into a new computer. Till the time you did not enter this key, you will not be able to view/add/edit  GST and Income Tax username and passwords. You can view/edit/add other data normally.

How to enter key after login into account

After login into your account, go to Upload key option coming in the top bar on right-hand side. Enter the key in the text box. Keep in mind that there is no space in the beginning or end while copying the key. Click on Submit button.

If the key you entered is not correct, the system will show an error.

After successful upload of the key, you can now add/edit/view the GST and Income Tax usernames and password.

How to get key in case you had missed the key

If you had missed the key, you can find it in the email sent to you at time of sign up. If you are still unable to get your key, contact us on from your registered email id. Key will be provided only after due verification.