Whatsapp messages can be send using TaxAdda PMS. Unlike SMS, whatsapp are not send from our system but our system is only used as a medium to reduce your work of sending individual whatsapp messages.

Sending whatsapp from TaxAdda PMS will give you two advantages. First is that you can use templates to save the common messages and you didn’t need to type or copy/paste message every time.

Second is that you can send reminder messages to only those clients which are required to file a particular return. For example: select GST, then select normal, then GSTR-3B then May 2020. Only those clients are listed which needs to file GSTR-3B for May 2020. Other clients such as who are registered in composition scheme, has cancelled registration before May 2020 are filtered out.

Also, there status of tasks are shown and you can filter on its basis. If you want to send whatsapp to only those clients whose status is Pending then you can filter and then send whatsapp to only those clients.

To add whatsapp templates, go to Messages >> Whatsapp  from left menu and click on  +Add Whatsapp Templates button. You can also import the predefined templates in add templates page and save it after editing as your template. Sample can be send to a mobile number to see how it looks on your mobile.

Sending Individual Messages

To send message to individual client, click on message icon in any client page.

or in action column in task list.

On clicking message icon, a popup will come with two tabs of sms and whatsapp.

Go to whatsapp tab. Select client and template. You can also change message in template and also enter message directly. Click on send button. A link will open in new tab which will prompt to open whatsapp software. You can cancel that message and click on Use whatsapp web. Or you can click on Open to open whatsapp software. The client will be selected directly and message will be autofilled, you has to just press send button.

We recommend to download and install whatsapp software, it will give you better experience. You can download whatsapp for your computer from this link.

Sending Whatsapp in Bulk

To send bulk whatsapp, go to Messages >> Whatsapp >> Bulk Send and all the clients will be shown. The clients in which there is no phone number will come as grey.

Now all clients will get listed. So that you can send sms to all of your clients. You can keep on filter clients by selecting radio buttons or dropdowns.

You can select GST or Income tax, if you select GST, then all clients which only has Income tax as ticked will get filtered out. Then you can select the return type and also return period (only in case of GST). Those clients will be filtered out which are not required to file that return or for that period. This way you can send very targeted messages. You can also select/deselect the clients.

You can also select whether you want to send whatsapp on registered contact number or secondary contact number or both.

If you have selected all fields then a new column will come with the status of that task for each client. If no task is created then it shows task not created. You can further filter clients on basis of status and then send whatsapp. It can be used to send whatsapp to clients whose task is in specific stage. For example: You can send whatsapp to only those clients for GSTR-3B June 2020 who has pending status.

You can now select the whatsapp template then copy the template text after any edit, if required.

Afterwards, click on Copy numbers to send whatsapp in bulk button. And all numbers will be copied to clipboard.

You need to install our chrome extension to send those message. You can download extension from this link.

After installing extension, you have to login in extension using your email id, password and key.

Whenever you open web.whatsapp.com a top bar will come on whatsapp like this.

Note: At time of signing in web.whatsapp.com using QR code, select the option of Keep me logged in. Otherwise this bar will not come.

Paste all numbers in “Add Mobile Numbers” box and message in “Whatsapp Message” box and click on Send Bulk Message button. Messages will go to the numbers added one by one. Do NOT close the browser tab, otherwise messages will stop going.

You can also click on TaxAdda Icon in extension bar in top right of chrome browser. It shows a popup and gives some additional functionality as compared to top bar.

If there are any numbers which are invalid or which are not on whatsapp then it show on this popup as invalid. Also, if your internet connected failed or phone disconnected to internet then such whatsapp message will fail. They will be shown as Failed and you can copy-paste the numbers to start send to such failed numbers.


Note: – Do not use whatsapp number for marketing purposes. If you send messages to unknown numbers and they marked you as spam then your number may be blocked by whatsapp. We are not affiliated with the extension of any kind. We are not responsible for the date security or for any other thing. You can use this extension or any other available extension. We find it most easy to use, so recommend it.

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